Founder: Arthur Tomlinson
Devoted to help teach the importance of expression at the earliest age possible, through Kool Tidy Products and The Pyramid.
I would like to say as a dyslexic person, my dyslexia is not a disability but a different way of understanding a different point of view. But as I learn my point of view changes. Insofar as I gain a wider and deeper understanding. I call it the onion effect. It’s like a saying “The more you know, the more you realise, you don’t know. But layer by layer each part is fully understood.
So my dyslexia is easily described as I can’t find the words the words to describe it yet. I can see it quite clearly in my mind’s eye. I see numbers as movement, my difficulty with words is that they don’t describe what I want to say with enough clarity. It is like seeing a book and understanding the book. Now how do I explain the content whith all the information that wants to come out at once? So as I teach another layer is revealed, so it becomes exhausting. But understanding how dyslexia works. How the brain works is an enormous task so the only way I can explain it fully is I build my pyramid of understanding brick by brick. Because my understanding of a word comes with spiritual wisdom within each word.
With that in mind I believe that dyslexia carries the same characteristics that is not unlike the madness of love, lust and rage, that hit us with a rush of emissions unable to understand and express we just react as learned behaviour has fought, It’s too overwhelming to find the words with so much information flooding in.
But it’s amazing that given the time we express our words of love. We understand our lust and in most cases we regret the rage.
The Pyramid and its tools helped me to break down this flood of information learn control turn it into bite-size chunks and understand. My Why!
The dream continues and in Gods mind we must trust that what is happening to us is for the betterment of us all. ????????????