Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Kool Tidy Products we are here to create products that are able to make the little things in life better, from dog leads with top notch materials to cable carriers that are designed to keep them from knotting. Here are the most asked  questions. 



How will this product help me with organisation ?

Well glad you asked, this product here is designed to keep your cables or earphone wires safe and unknotted, as this will make them more easy to organise.

What colours do they come in ?

With our products they come in a variety of different colours, Like blue, pink, red, orange and blue.

What prices can they vary from ?

The pricing can be around £10.00 – £185.00 it depends on the product you are going for.

With your product can it help my earphones stop tangling together ?

Yes, our product was designed for this specific reason as I engineered it and designed it to make it possible for people that use cable earphones to have an untangled  experience.

With your product does it reduce the storage space?

The product that we have developed reduces this effect by 80% allowing for a much smaller area needed for storage.

Is this product heavy in any way ?

No, the product is designed to make sure that the carriers are not too heavy, this is so the customer can place the carrier in their pocket, making them have a light weight product that you can take on the go.

Will this product make my life a little bit easier ?

Yes, with Kool tidy products we are here coming up with new products that are designed to make your everyday life better this being from our products and their designs. Getting a range of different products like advanced dogs leads to cable carriers. We are here to make life better. 

What Materials do you use in your products ?

We use all different types of materials that are safe for the family and pets alike. We have created our products with materials that are made of the best quality so they can last a long time.